Page Airport & Other Airports Near Page, AZ

Visitors of Page, AZ and its nearby attractions typically fly into larger surrounding airports such as Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) or Flagstaff Pullium Airport (FLG). But Page Municipal Airport is opening up to more commerical airlines such as Contour Airlines to make travel directly to Page more accessible. Flights from Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Phoenix are some of the aiports that have flights going directly to Page, AZ at very reasonable rates. If you are not flying from one of these airports or wish to use a different airline, here is the information of other aiports near Page.

Phoenix Sky Harbor is an international airport that services nearly every airline in the United States. If you are coming in from another country and your airline doesn't go to PHX, you'll likely find yourself in Los Angles (LAX) or Las Vegas (LAS), where you can hop on a connecting flight to Phoenix or Flagstaff airports - or even just rent a car and drive (about 4 hours from PHX & LAS), which will allow you to see even more of the American Southwest. Sky Harbor Airport is a full service hub and even has van shuttles that can take you to Sedona and Flagstaff through Arizona Shuttle for about $50 each way (there's a discount if you book a round trip ticket). From there, many Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour companies can pick you up at your hotel in Sedona or Flagstaff.
Flagstaff Airport is located about 140 north of Phoenix Sky Harbor, which is the direction you'll need to go to get to Page. FLG is a smaller airport, but two major airlines, American Airlines and United, now provide service directly to Flagstaff from Phoenix, Denver and Dallas Ft. Worth. From Flagstaff, you can either rent a car and visit Sedona, which is only 25 miles miles from FLG aiport, and the Grand Canyon's South Rim entrance (the most popular), which is only 85 miles from FLG. Flagstaff is the largest city to the Grand Canyon and serves as the perferred destination when visiting and choosing Grand Canyon accommodations.
McCarran Aiport in Las Vegas is an international airport that services nearly every airline in the United States and is a hub for Southwest travel. From Las Vegas, guests can visit the west rim of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, while being about the same distance away from Page as flying in to Phoenix Sky Harbor. Las Vegas has a great many tour operators that will show you as much as you can handle of the American Southwest, typically with a little Las Vegas flair. Las Vegas is a fantastic place to make your "home" on your American Southwest adventure as there is a tour company leaving from Las Vegas for nearly everything you'd want to see or expieience in the Southwest. If you're wanting more of an "at your own pace" Southwest experience, flying into Arizona (PHX or FLG) is recommended.
Salt Lake City Airport is also an international airport that services nearly every airline in the United States. If you are visiting the "Grand Circle" (Zion, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon and the rest of the national parks located in the Southwest), this might be a good option for airports. It is recommended that visitors rent their own vehicle and drive about 200 miles south in order to reach the north end of Grand Circle area. Page, AZ is about 380 miles from SLC and will take about 6 hours driving to get here.